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Little did I know, she would embark on a journey in the spotlight to try and defend herself in very gruelling situations, some of which no one could ever think of before the internet.

Starting with the 1, the album sets the tone for this new Swiftian era. The whole beast fat burner recenzii feels like summer afternoon in a small town, somewhere in the mountains, and I am so happy in a very calm way about it. This piano ballad is again filled with literary references, because Taylor Swift likes to poke fun at herself, and her army of dedicated fans.

The song talks ablația endometrială și pierderea în greutate young, innocent love, plagued by battle scars, lack of confidence and bitterness. Although not a favourite beast fat burner recenzii of mine, the song has a certain appeal, especially because of the brazenness of the lyrics.

There goes the most shameless woman this town has ever seen She had a marvellous time ruining everything Bon Iver is a guest on the fourth track, exile, and I think there are very few people who beast fat burner recenzii actually deny the greatness of this music dialogue. The song is imagined as a dialogue between two exes, but no one seems to be listening.

beast fat burner recenzii

Over the piano and the dramatic strings, the vocals manage to create to such a build-up, taking the song to a different plane. My personal favourite, my tears ricochet, is a hauntingly beautiful song mourning a past relationship.

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The POV of the story is that of a deceased lover, reflecting on the toxicity and tension. The funeral imagery of the lyrics, on top of the instrumentals, give the song the gravitas to carry the message home.

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Packed with queer hints, the story unfolds about two friends who enjoyed their time together, but with one of them living in a possible abusive home, the dark tones of the song cannot be missed. Tasting like summer, this pop rock ballad beast fat burner recenzii young love again, with a hint of sadness.

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Probably the most insane lyrics belong to this song — I was so ahead of the curve, the curve became a sphere. Finally we see Swift becoming more mature, more understanding to the prospect of a trio, not pointing blame on the third person anymore, but rather trying to be understanding and empathetic.

Sarcastic Taylor is at it again, with mad woman. Bringing back the torches and lighting them and going against the ones who come after her, Swift brings fire over the piano keys in the gentlest way possible.

beast fat burner recenzii

Aimed at her old record label, this song is her fight song against the people she feels wronged by. Trying to explain how difficult it is to continue serving after fighting death day after day, epiphany sounds more like a hymn than anything. Despite her being such a high-profile celebrity, Swift manages to keep her love under wraps, and as normal as possible, but also worries about not being able to give her boyfriend the normality they both crave.

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Easily forgotten, hoax tells the story of a toxic relationship, where the resolution is to keep whatever unhappiness you have rather than start anew. Not necessarily my preferred method, but hey.

beast fat burner recenzii

My only one.