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Partea de jos a articolului este, de asemenea, tivită.

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Anglais The base of the garment is also hemmed. Dernière mise à jour : Fréquence d'utilisation : 2 Référence: Translated. Anglais It also has applied decorations on the pockets as well as printing on the back; the botton is hemmed leisure shirt.

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Anglais This garment has a full length opening at the front with a button fastening left over right; the sleeve ends and the botton are hemmed leisure shirt.

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Anglais These articles are hemmed and an embroidery design, subțire în jos en anglais seen in the tablecloth, appears in one corner napkins. Anglais There the coffin rested, covered with cloth of gold, edged with ermine, and embroidered with the arms of France and England in gold and silver.

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Dernière mise à jour : Fréquence d'utilisation : 1 Référence: Translated. Anglais It is available in various shapes spherical shrub or standard azaleas, tall-stemmed, pyramid and various unusually shaped varieties and colours including white, salmon, red, carmine, pink, purple and lilac and can be either pure or tinged with another colour veined or edged.

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