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View Comments Catalin Tolontan in "Collective. Moments later crash fatal burn club erupts in flame.

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People scream, tumble together in panic, gasp from smoke, and the video image tumbles chaotically, turns red, and ends with a black screen. In an event that was eerily similar to the Station nightclub fire, which killed people in Warwick, R. Twenty-seven died and were injured on Oct.

When it was learned that the club had no fire exits and had bribed officials to overlook safety violations, thousands demonstrated against the government. Advertisement But the corruption ran deeper.

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His suspicions aroused, Catalin Tolontan, an investigative journalist for the unlikely publication Sports Gazette, followed up on a lead that hospitals had been using a diluted disinfectant. Staking out the factory that produced the antiseptic and surveilling the homes of hospital managers who had signed crash fatal burn on its use, Tolontan and his associates uncover a network of cynical greed and malfeasance that involves the mafia.

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Advertisement Catalin Tolontan in "Collective. Tolontan and his colleagues are denounced by those in power and receive death threats against themselves and their families.

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  2. Procuratura din județul Los Angeles l-a acuzat pe Erickson pentru o infracțiune de conducere imprudentă în legătură cu prăbușirea din septembrie, potrivit postului local KABC.
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Distraught that they had been party to blame for such murderous malfeasance, they provide him with testimony, documents, and other material. A damning video of a burn victim whose wounds are crawling with maggots is both gruesome evidence and a shocking metaphor of the rotten system Tolontan is uncovering.

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Tolontan is not the only hero of the story. Tolontan follows the untested newcomer as he comes to grips with the enormity of his task and the seemingly monolithic forces against him. He is inspired by the courage of the victims, especially Mariana Oprea, a young woman severely burned in the fire who shows photographs of her scarred body in a gallery.

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Her presence is a reminder of the crime and a rebuke to the guilty. Advertisement Peter Keough can be reached at petervkeough gmail. Boston Globe video.

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